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The previously mentioned protocol implementations require too much hardware and processor power to meet these requirements.The complexity of such implementations are difficult to incorporate into consumer products in a cost effective way.A network device contains a combination of hardware and software that processes protocols and data packets.In 1978, the International Standards Organization (ISO), a standards setting body, created a network reference model known as the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model.The advantage to this software-based protocol processing implementation is that it allows a general-purpose computer to be used in many different types of communications networks and supports any applications that may be needed. on January 16, 1996, which teaches a method of operating multiple software protocol stacks.The result of this software-based protocol processing implementation, however, is that the overhead of the protocol-processing software, running on the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the host computer, to process the Network, Transport, Session and Presentation layers is very high. This type of software-based protocol processing implementation is used, for example, in computers running Microsoft Windows.

It is evident that the amount of processing overhead required to process a protocol is very high and extremely cumbersome and lends itself to applications with a powerful Central Processing Unit (CPU) and a large amount of memory.The result of this implementation, however, is that the system requires a high processor overhead, a large amount of system memory, complicated configuration setup on the part of the computer user to coordinate the different software protocol and data handlers communicating to the computer's Operating System (O. This high overhead required in processing time is demonstrated in U. The packet is then sent to different protocol stacks where it is evaluated for the specific protocol.However, the packet may be sent to several protocols stacks before it is accepted or rejected.Typically, a computer network comprises a system of devices such as computers, printers and other computer peripherals, communicatively connected together.Data are transferred between each of these devices through data packets which are communicated through the network using a communication protocol standard.

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The Network, Transport, Session, and Presentation layers, are implemented using protocol-processing software, also called protocol stacks.

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