Xbox 360 game library not updating what is osl dating

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My solution was to restart the Xbox, load the "manage game" menu for Rock Band, launch Rock Band from that page, get to the main menu, then navigate to the "manage game" menu again while the game was open.

UPDATE ONE: The Express recently attended the Xbox Spring Showcase where Microsoft revealed more on their big plans to incorporate Xbox One Backward Compatibility into the next-gen experience.As soon as I went back to the game it detected the song. Also, I had no clue about the "Song - Artist" to "Song -- Artist" thing. This happened to me when I swapped to my xbone slim.I had to manually uninstall the song in the content menu. Then when I installed them a second time they showed up and were playable again. The songs that disappeared for me were My Sharona, Sweet Leaf, Touch of Grey, and Midnight Rider. Pain in the ass if you're Luke me and have 1300 songs to dig through to find the files not working.Xbox's Larry Hryb revealed that Geometry Wars Evolved is now playable on Xbox One via Backward Compatibility, it was originally launched on Xbox 360 in November 2005.The space shooter can be bought on last-gen from the Microsoft Store in the UK for £3.39 and isn't the only new title being made available on Xbox One.

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Later today, the first major overhaul of the Xbox One’s operating system will go live to the public, bringing a range of improvements and features alongside it.

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