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According to Leonardo da Vinci in , atmospheric perspective, on the other hand, illustrates the idea that “colors become weaker in proportion to their distance from the person who is looking at them” through tonal changes.

Scale refers to the size of an object in relation to another.

Foreshortening is a technique in which an artist distorts perspective to evoke an illusion of depth.

by Henri Matisse is just one example of a work of art known for its distinct contours.

It is typically characterized by the size, texture, and precision of the strokes.

For instance, brushstroke may be described as “tight” or “loose” depending on how visible they are to the naked eye.

Art that is conceptual breaks free from all the standard rules and can take any form from sculpture and painting to happenings and performances.

As the outline of something, the contour is one of the building blocks of drawing.

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Like any creative field, art history has its own language.