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Who is rover dating

In April 2005, Rover-branded cars ceased to be produced when the MG Rover Group became insolvent.The MG Rover Group's assets then got split up between two Chinese automakers – some were bought by SAIC Motor, who obtained technology that was incorporated into a new Chinese line of Roewe branded luxury saloons. BMW sold the rights to the Rover marque to Ford in 2006 for approximately £6 million, the latter exercising an option of first refusal to buy it dating back to its purchase of Land Rover in 2000.In some cases, when ordering from our website, it is necessary to identify the model and/or model year of your vehicle.Although we try to make clear which vehicle each part will fit, knowing your vehicle model and year or manufacture is important.

The first 3 letters are always SAL, indicating the vehicle is a made by Land Rover.

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The serial number is a 6 number sequence (above, highlighted in red) that is the last 6 digits of the chassis/VIN number. On items for which it is important to know the correct model year, we have marked them as being suitable for 'x A to x A Chassis Numbers', for example a part that will only fit a 1990 to 1994 model year Discovery will be marked as 'GA to LA Chassis Numbers'. The numbering scheme for 'A' and 'B' model year codes is not the same on all vehicles.

Products requiring serial number information will specify either a range, for example 'WA376580 to WA385948', or a number from which the range starts or at which it stops, such as 'TA346793' or earlier', or 'WA385949 or later'.1. Land Rover Series III vehicles with 'A' codes were manufactured from 1979-1984. Range Rover Classic vehicles with 'A' codes were manufactured from 1979-1984, followed by vehicles with 'B' codes from 1984-86.

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The most reliable way to identify the vehicle you own is to look at the Chassis/VIN number.

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