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Now, the Los Angeles resident has left acting entirely to pursue his new passion — painting.Grieco said for 20 years he’s considered himself an artist, whether he was in front of a camera or a canvas.

I was offered five, ten grand by a guy at the Palladium. OP - Yes , he has an 18 year old with Kimberly, Dylan Justice. Then she met Grieco,and started doing all these soft porn movies. Know he owed back child support for a long time, and almost $ 50 G's in back taxes.Can be be earning much from that piece of (faux) reality crap ' Gigolos' ? Back when "21 Jump Street" was still on the air he used to come back occasionally and walk around the mall, which always reminded me of the scene in "Soapdish" with Sally Fields. I've always gotten a bi vibe from him (and not because of the impeccable brows and eyeliner).I know he used to be involved with some actress named Kimber Sissons, but I've always wondered...

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