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Who is michael keaton dating

Throughout the series' run, fans have seen Kara develop as a superhero and a person, diving into more of her backstory as well as how she fits into this world.

Things definitely took a turn for the dramatic in season two with the inclusion of Mon-El, the former prince of the destroyed planet Daxam who crash lands on earth.

Gadot and Pine are charming and magnetic on screen.

Their chemistry seems to come so easily, and makes for an incredibly compelling relationship amid the action set pieces.

Pine even joked that he got to flirt and fall in love with her while filming the movie and nicknamed her "Giggle Gadot." introduced two new villains who in turn deepened Bruce Wayne/Batman as a character, making for a story that was dark and tragic, yet entertaining and fun to watch.

MJ and Peter are a pretty memorable pairing in the comic books, but unfortunately, that did not fully come across through Maguire and Dunst's chemistry with one another.

, it is noted that Pfeiffer had an affair with Keaton, and that her marriage with Peter Horton had fallen apart by that time.

Keaton was asked about the relationship again in 2010 in an interview with where it was commented that the two didn't have any problems while filming the movie together.

Although he and Kara are skeptical of each other at first, their similar tragic backstories lead them down a path that leads to a very rocky romantic relationship.

costar, Blake Jenner, before Benoist filed for divorce at the end of 2016.

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If you didn't know any better, you might think there was something more between the pair off screen, too.

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