Who is jack nicholson dating now West virginia adult chat rooms

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Who is jack nicholson dating now

As happy, in fact, as he is to send himself up in Nancy What Women Want Meyers' latest rom-com, Something's Gotta Give.

This sees him playing perennial bachelor Harry Sanborn, a man so insistent on only dating women under 30 (sound familiar?

Like, I don't have an entourage, because I saw the negative effects of those things.

You know, "Hey, Jack, give me a hand." That's not the answer to life.

But I think I was kind of losin' it a little in the quality department. It's the uniqueness of the movie that makes it personal to me.

I'd done such good work, whether it was Goin' South or One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest or Easy Rider...I was very rigid about my own parties; I never had a professional party at my house.I don't think my agent, who is a good friend of mine, has ever been to a party at my house. Well, I'm against cronyism, and I had to learn that early on.I would have to say I'm thin-skinned with a lot of calluses grown over the top of it.I mean, I'll always feel it but it's very hard to get me to react to anything like that. You never hear anybody from New Jersey complaining about it!

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Hardly surprising, then, that the 66-year-old Tinseltown icon should assure us his party days are well, truly and finally over.