Who is dating vanessa simmons

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Who is dating vanessa simmons

Co-parenting their little daughter Ava is not the only thing keeping them together.The two share an immense love for one another, and that is why these three make an adorable family.Simmons is the oldest daughter of Joseph Simmons and Valerie Vaughn.

She has two brothers and one of them is named Skeeter.Over the weekend, the Simmons and the Wayans families, including Mike’s father Damon Wayans, came together to celebrate the upcoming birth of the latest lil addition to their bloodline with a small baby shower for the proud parents-to-be. Peep more pics of Vanessa, Angela, Rev Run, Mama Justine, Damon Wayans, Mike Wayans, Marlon Wayans, family friend Tyrese and more having a ball at the baby shower on the flip.Valerie Vaughn is the proud mother of reality stars Angela Simmons and Vanessa Simmons, who star in Growing Up Hip Hop. Valerie Coward-Vaughn is 52 years old and she graduated in 1984 from Andrew Jackson High School in Queens, Kentucky.I immediately went out and brought a cute [little] outfit for her right after the appointment." “She is a little miracle in my life and she’s come along and helped me restore faith in myself and confidence in myself. It’s just been an awesome experience for me.” The couple does not hesitate in showing love for their daughter, which is evident in Vanessa's Instagram, which is filled with images of Ava.Her Instagram bio first reads "Mommy," which shows her value of being a mother. Ava's first birthday party It's a good thing that Vanessa is getting to enjoy her time and life in general with her little princess.

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Mike’s mother Lisa Thorner is a former model who was married to Damon, Sr. “It’s hard to display your life and have people judge everything about you. I just try to keep as low a profile as I can and focus on my work.”Mike and Vanessa have discussed getting engaged at some point in the future.