Who is antonique smith dating poems about dating sites

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Who is antonique smith dating

When it comes to soulful singers with powerful voices in the mainstream market, there are a few names that come to mind: Keyshia Cole, Tamar Braxton, K.

Michelle, of course Mary J and a few others that have been dominating the r&b stratosphere this year.

Among these veteran songstresses lies a hidden treasure who goes by Antonique Smith.

Best known for her breakout role as Faith Evans in the movie , Antonique has been making her way in front of the industries heavy hitters, awaiting her shot to be your next modern day Mary J. Hailing from Jersey, Smith has made her mark as an acclaimed actress on and off Broadway and even received a Grammy nomination.

She also spoke on what it was like working with director Victoria Mahoney on the latest film she co-starred in, being that she used to act herself? It shows the necessity and the beauty of forgiveness.

Whether it was how you were treated growing up, by your parents. So I went to George, I told him what she said and he added the wedding scene.

She is still the poster girl for Mimi on billboards and fliers for the 20th Anniversary Tour. ✌️ Renee Elise Goldsberry was in the closing cast of the original Broadway run of RENT as Mimi Marquez, although the exact dates of her portrayal are not known.

Rosario Dawson played Mimi Marquez in the 2005 movie version of RENT. She was also featured in the film, RENT: Filmed Live On Broadway.

She replaced the original Mimi, Daphne Rubin Vega, who was pregnant at the time. Vanessa Hudgens played Mimi Marquez in 2010 edition of RENT in the Hollywood Bowl production.

From her most notable roles as Faith Evans in , Smith has caught the attention of many who are waiting to see what the rising star does next. Whether it was you just had a longing for acceptance. It’s just so many different story lines in this movie… You’ve played an R&B singer in a movie, but a lot of people don’t know you really are a singer yourself.

caught up with Smith to learn about her journey to the top, her budding singing career and her upcoming projects. Not all the time do you talk to the director and they have so much information on your character. there’s so many different facets of it, that everybody can take something away from it.

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Skyler Volpe played Mimi Marquez in the 20th Anniversary US Tour of RENT in 2016/2017 Philippa Stefani played Mimi Marquez in the 20th Anniversary UK Tour of RENT in 2016/2017.