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The Italian east coast stretches from Trieste (Friuli-Venezia Giulia) in the north to Salento (South Apulia) in the south and is called the Adriatic Coast.Besides Mount Vesuvius on the Italian mainland, there are other famous volcanoes such as Mount Etna in Sicily and the Lipari Stromboli.In the past 100 years booming winter sports centres with fantastic ski runs, cross-country skiing tracks and modern ski-lift systems have developed in the South Tyrol Mountains.In summer spa towns are very popular due to the mild weather and the great number of hiking areas.Our moderators have been tagging all these live cams by hand.

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The Apennine Mountains traverse the entire peninsula.

The greatest part of the Alps is in Northern Italy with the highest peak at the French border (Monte Bianco/Mont Blanc, 4.810 m).

Italy borders France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia as well as the enclaves of San Marino and Vatican City.

Some of the biggest Italian cities are Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo and Genoa.

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