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Watch blind dating chris pine

He lucked into Sping Awakenings, where he was upstaged John Gallagher Jr., the supporting actor, which embarrassed everyone afte the hype they gave Pine. Different strokes for different folks, but while I might admire a "Pretty man" aesthetically, I rarely find them attractive in a sexy way. And that shot of him in his undies on the side of the bed: Worth the price of admission. Damn shame about the box office failure of Into Darkness,r18,isn't it ? If you go to tumblr, there are some pics of Chris Pine in Japan wearing some snug pants that hint at some good stuff. In Pine's case, without a bit of imperfection in his face, I think he would be too pretty, much like Brad Pitt was until the last few years. Both seem a bit on the sensitive side, and I could see either of them walking away altogether, if they tire of the Hollywood BS. Bradley Cooper feels like a selfish, pissy asshole who goes home and frowns the exact length of time he had to publicly smile in order to get his time back. I think he is B list right now, but if his Jack Ryan film does well, he will be definitely A list. He has had several long term relationships and while I don't get his taste in women, they do seem pretty genuine, (except perhaps when was with Wh Olivia Munn. He's got a very likable quality , unlike BC who, I think, the more you watch him, the more annoying he becomes. That Jimmy Stewart quality seems more long-term than the 'look at me- I'm so handsome' arrogance of BC. I don't think Tommy Lee Jones has been hindered by them. Just My Luck, Princess diaries, Blind Dating, This Means War, were all terrible films. Despite the bad wig in Bottle Shock it was a good movie, Star Treks were good, if you like that genre, Welcome to People is a very good little indie.[quote]He will NEVER be A-List.When Pitt isn't wearing the crazy goatee or weird hair, I prefer his looks now to when he was 25. I am not sure why people are calling Star Trek a flop. Total Box Office--- Star Trek Into Darkness....................$ 200.1 million as of 6/7/13Tell us about YOUR latest box office numbers.[quote]Apparently he is dating another Victoria's Secret type swimsuit/lingerie model. I don't like his fashion sense of ankle length pant with no socks, but I can't argue with the bulge he is showing in pics where he is wearing a dark trouser and a light tan sweater.Meanwhile, because Danny is a virgin at 22, his brother Larry (Eddie Kaye Thomas), who runs a limousine service, gets him a string of hilariously disastrous blind dates in between rentals.When Danny finally realizes that he is falling for Leeza, she tells him she cannot see him anymore because she has been promised in an arranged marriage. Perkins (Stephen Tobolowsky) advise him to continue because it is his only chance of seeing, and soon Danny is successfully operated on.I have seen some recent pics of Pine with a beard that has some gray showing. The failure of the latest STAR TREK movie ensures that (and doesn't bode well for any of that crew really breaking out). He should find an edgy project on network or cable TV. His hair is longer as he preps for his next movie, but he looks hot otherwise,well, I tried to, but you can't post a link unless you pay the .YUM, Those gray hairs sprinkled in his beard ramp up his sex appeal imo. Also I tried to post this earlier and was going to type in the link manually, but I was blocked from posting due to high traffic on the website at that time.

During the tests he meets a beautiful Indian nurse, Leeza (Anjali Jay).

There are other pics of him wearing a light brown suit, but those aren't as good. Chris Pine is so pretty and hot, and seems very sensitive which is a quality I admire in a sane person. I enjoy his interviews as well, not the ones on TV, but the others that you can find on youtube. He also seems to have a good sense of humor, which is a turn on.

You can clearly see from the films where he's been in undies that he's packing something nice there, probably big balls which is usually the case. His father, Robert Pine is a good looking actor who got his start on episodic TV in the 60's, mainly westerns like Bonanza and Gunsmoke. He looks good with the facial hair[quote]and uses it to get what he wants.

Blind Dating (also known as Blind Guy Driving) is a 2006 romantic comedy film directed by James Keach and starring Chris Pine, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Anjali Jay, Jane Seymour, and Jayma Mays.

The film was produced by David Shanks and James Keach and distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films LLC.

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