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My sister Nina in school, I help her doing homework. I wake up, I wash and do a run around the park not far from our house.

But you should know that I always answer your letter.

I can much talk about the city, but I want to talk about our relationship. That's why I went to the Internet Agency for dating.

In the summer everything blooms, lots of flowers and trees, it is very beautiful.

I dont want to have such man for creation serious relationship and a birth children. I already start to think, that I have been birth to help people and not to have my happiness. But I am writing to you again, hoping to see your reply. I do not have the social networks such as Facebook.

And I think, that you realize, why I have such fears. But I try to deal with these bad thoughts and I want to search male. If I have interested you in my email PS: I also want to warn you at once, that I am not search in an exchange of nude pics. I am writing to you with a mailbox that is my own, and if you want to answer, I'll wait for your letter here. Because all the time I spend at work, and I try to free my family to pay. I hope you're happy because we now have the ability to communicate. I trust them in everything, They have a very good and open people. I hope you response to my letter, and we will continue our acquaintance. I think it's it will be interesting))) to study each other.

I very hope, that you will not offend me by such requests. If I had the opportunity, we could talk on Skype, but unfortunately I do not have such an opportunity. But nothing good came, I was very painful wound through the heart. I want to meet this man, who will love me, respect and appreciate every moment held together. I hope that I was able to write this letter to their intentions and purpose in life.

I accumulate money for a long time, and now that's enough for me to travel. But that would meet and know each other, requires a personal meeting! If our relations will develop actively, what can I come to your country and we'll open own business. But you may do not tell anyone))) I have my own apartment. I want to sell the apartment and open own restaurant or small cafe! Received: from [1.36] (port=56401 helo=[1.42]) From: "solnce.irinochkavit" Hello how are you? I would like to write to you every day, but unfortunately I did not have the opportunity. Perhaps soon we will be able to communicate every day face to face?!?! I'm afraid to fall in love with you, but not receive reciprocity.

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I very hope, that you shall read my email up to the end, and shall not delete it. I am very much lonely and I want to find a man of my dream. And in Russian Federation, the big problem is a male alcoholism.

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