Updating to sp2

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Updating to sp2

While we might check and install updates manually from time to time, most Windows 10 computers are configured to apply important updates automatically, while older versions like Windows 7 and Windows 8 usually apply these fixes the night of Patch Tuesday.Sometimes, however, when the patch, or maybe even service pack, is being installed during shutdown or startup, the update installation gets stuck — freezes, locks up, stops, hangs, clocks... Windows Update is taking forever and it's clear something needs to be done.If you want to verify all your domain controllers immediately you can always force replication.

You’ll have to wait for them to give you the go ahead when everything is replicated and all is still working fine.This is the schema upgrade that is needed for Exchange 2010.If you had run this one manually it would not have to this step and you’ll see later it only does is for the first server you upgrade (note that it is missing form the second screen print, which was taken from the second CAS/HUB role server).You can verify after having run SP2 on the first node or having updated the schema manually that this is indeed effective by looking at the properties of both the domain and the schema via ADSIEdit or dsquery.The value for object Version in the properties of “CN=Microsoft Exchange System Objects” should be 13040. Via dsquery this is done as follows: dsquery * “CN=Microsoft Exchange System Objects, DC=datawisetech, DC=corp” -scope base -attr object Version Note that you might need to wait for Active Directory replication if you’re not looking at the domain controller where the update was run.

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If you had done the upgrade from the CLI you would have to run SETUP /m:upgrade /Install Windows Components and you would not have seen this error as it would have been taken care of installing the missing components. You can take care of that by installing this via “Add Role Services” in Server Manager for the Web Server (IIS) role.

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