Updating the gac dating restaurant owner

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Updating the gac

If the shared classes are updated to fix bugs or to implement new features, the DLL may need to be deployed to multiple locations to ensure that every program is using the latest revision.The Global Assembly Cache, or , provides a solution to the problem of duplicated DLLs.It first searches the location of the executing assembly.

However, using an installation package is beyond the scope of this article.

If you are not using an installer, there are two easy ways to install an assembly to the GAC. NET Global Assembly Cache Utility (gacutil.exe) or by copying the DLL using Windows Explorer.

Although there are other ways to achieve the same results, I will describe these two variations in this article.

If a required assembly isn’t found there, Mono searches the MONO_PATH environment variable.

The environment variable should be a colon-separated list of paths to search for assemblies.

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