Updating the assembly version

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Updating the assembly version

Keep in mind that we are the framework – pun intended – on which other managed applications are typically built on Windows.

Publisher policies installed into the GAC could get out of hand and applications that want to avoid redirection for their own assemblies in the GAC would also use older base class libraries in the GAC as well if the element.

You could also try going into the Nu Get Package Manager and uninstalling and reinstalling any of the affected packages to see if that helps as well. You could use Update-Package -reinstall command also.

Please see: https://docs.nuget.org/consume/reinstalling-packages 2. Just running Update-Package –reinstall in Nu Get Package manager console will reinstall all your packages with the same version that was installed before. if you want just specified package to be reinstalled then pass the name as parameter for example you want to reinstall entityframework then use.

Even better, we've posted the complete source code, unit tests (that run in Visual Studio Team System), and raw documentation for the task under the new Microsoft Community License.

Try not to laugh too hard when you look at the code.

If an application should not be redirected to the newer assembly for any reason, it can include the element in its application configuration file.

I just posted a new task, Assembly Info Task, at Got Dot Net.

To mitigate such a threat you should either update the assembly in-place, or remove it and install a new assembly along with a publisher policy.

Any applications avoiding redirection would break, of course, but that in most cases would be better than opening a security hole.

There are also good reasons for anyone to use in-place updates: security fixes.

You may not want an application to use an older assembly because it may contain a security hole that opens the entire machine up for attack.

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Instead, I’ll show you how to easily automate the process. VSO Build definition Now that we have all components it’s time to define the VSO build.