Updating nokia 5800 firmware

Posted by / 13-Apr-2020 00:10

So far it's been ok, the main difference in the firmware is the font changing. Nope, its based on the IMEI of the device, so the firmware changing wont make any difference.

You may have to re-download the licence keys when first playing the songs again over the internet on the device though, only use's a few kb's of data and takes a second or so.

I think either: APAC 1 Blue 0559950APAC 2 Blue 0559953 Ok i've changed the product code on my 5800, from the 3 branded version which restricted me to firmware version 21.

Now i've got 0559950, and updated using NSU to the latest firmware.

I'd just hate to upgrade my wifes 3 branded phone, then have to explain why the music has suddenly disappeared :) I can confirm that the Comes With Music service will continue to work after debranding and updating the firmware on your 3 5800, I have done this myself. I just got the Opera Browser on the 5800 today and it's far superior to the inbuilt browser.

Whim me if you want the product code or some help debranding Hi all, I just attempted to Change the product code from 0581336 to 0559950. Now when I turn on the phone it simply vibrates for about 20s and stops. I'm going try and perform a dead flash on the device. Ugh, I'm so sick of waiting for 3 to ever give me an update for my 5800!

My 5800 definitely (eventually) debranded but still won't let me choose GSM only, which I thought a bit weird.

Debranding the 5800 is a bit harder than the N95, and doesn't yeild as good results I found.3 used to disable wireless on the N95, not sure if they still do. My info is about 2-3 months out of date as thats when I debranded my 5800, so do some googling.I've been back using my n95 8gb as the 5800 doesn't support skype or the 3 / Seven email client (last time i checked)....Is the only way to get this FW is to hack my phone?If so, what are the risks/benefits, and can it all be fixed? The benefits are the improved faster OS response, some nice additions to the Home Screen (still only one though Nokia... ) Kinetic scrolling that works great, Ovi Maps with voice directions as you mentioned however the google maps app is still better though no voice.

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I have read that V30 offers noticable performance increases I am with Virgin.