Updating delphi gps maps

Posted by / 01-Apr-2020 00:34

Updating delphi gps maps

Therefore it might take them a little while to gather those corrections.

After that it is up to the GPS manufacturer to determine how often they purchase updated map datasets from the mapping companies.

This happens almost immediately as their databases are constantly being updated with new data.

But this data doesn’t make it to your GPS nearly as fast…

So let’s say you receive a new GPS today and you find a part of the map that is out of date.

They need to convert the data into their own internal formats.However it appears this scenario will continue for the near future.Perhaps down the road manufacturers and mapping companies can work out an automated system whereby the the manufacturer will receive updates, the updates get converted into the manufacturer’s proprietary format, and finally changed data offered for download into the GPS receiver.As mentioned above sometimes this happens annually and sometimes this happens even less often.So adding up this time can mean that it will take years for map updates to reach your GPS.

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