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They came up with many more, terrific tips on things to consider when you’re considering a remodel.

I agree with the “wait a while” advice–not just to see if what you have grows on you, but because old houses may have expensive-to-fix problems that weren’t immediately apparent and that may be a bigger priority.

This means that a professional came in to evaluate insulation, carbon monoxide, proper venting in the kitchen, bath, and laundry room, etc.

I would definitely recommend one of these to ANY new homeowner.

Warning: This ain’t no linkbait — it’s 4,998 Retro Renovation University words.

A while back, in a story about planning for a kitchen remodel, we asked readers to share their experiences and thoughts.

They are usually extremely enthusiastic about getting started with projects — and that’s a good thing — .

Personally my style moves more toward the black/white Art Deco classic vein.

I also have been staring at them for all of my 35 years and have never really cared for them, and I certainly have lived around them long enough to know that.

Even if you plan to live with things a while, get qualified and licensed professionals to look over your infrastructure (plumbing, electrical, etc.) to alert you of hazards as well as things that will need to be brought up to code. I had a friend who lived in a 1 bedroom 1920s bungalow that had so much smart storage (original to the house) it was unbelievable.

Those things can affect the changes you make (and the cost) and you should know those things up front, particularly if you do need to go ahead and fix something. You can get ideas for built-ins that will help you work with small spaces.

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No matter what else I did to enhance or restore the look of the kitchen, they just kept nagging me.