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This document explains how to install or re-install the Grub boot loader under Cent OS 5 and 6.

You may have to re-install Grub if the boot loader was damaged or destroyed, for example by installing an incompatible operating system.

Todays new version allows you to display the date and time on the menu and it will update every second. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stardate Bonus if you can convince him to also print its spelling, i.e.

it uses the setmenu --string command with the special string of "date&time". 43989.1 as "four-three-nine-eight-nine point one" Wonko [1] the good thing about Stardate is that - like time - is relative, accordingly to the original definition: The progression of stardates in your script should remain constant but don't worry about whether or not there is a progression from other scripts. And using the beep command it should be possible to synthesise Captain Kirks voice so he can speak it in words on boot up 'captains log stardate 134664'. You can use the (good ol') Su Stel one, it comes with a number of examples in various programming and scripting languages: Powershell: Here is "direct" javascript: no, Captain Kirk could have never said "stardate 134664", you need the decimal point (at the very least to let William Shatner rest his voice on it and have a microsecond of time to contemplate himself in a mirror, to be reassured that he is still so handsome). Yes it is usually the same chip, no, it has a different function. the actual thing that "ticks" and keeps time, the CMOS is - loosely - a chip technology: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/CMOS that was used in a dedicated chip to store some values (settings) of the BIOS (what you set via the BIOS interface).

All I had to do is go back and add the menu options for my dual boot partitions.

(y/N) I answered yes and it made a version update-grub could live with.

Click the Apply button in the toolbar and then Apply in the summary window that pops up. The next time you boot up your computer, the Grub menu will not contain the entries associated with the removed kernel version.

I think grub4dos calls the BIOS Int 1ah API to get the time Edited by steve6375, 4 weeks ago. Naaah, I'll wait for the final release, though of course I have no use for the "feature", now, if you manage to trick Yaya into adding stardate[1], that would be another thing.Ubuntu adopted the new version of the Grub boot manager in version 9.10, getting rid of the old problematic Today we look at how to change the boot menu options in Grub2.When it opens up, type the kernel version that you want to remove in the Quick search text field. For each of the entries associated with the old kernel (e.g.linux-headers-2.6.32-21 and linux-image-2.6.32-21-generic), right-click and choose .

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Remove Old Kernel Entries The most common clean up task for the boot menu is to remove old kernel versions lying around on your machine.

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