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Tom brady dating history

As for team success, we looked at whether the team clearly improved after acquiring the player.

Two other quick notes: With all due respect to Bill Belichick, only players were considered.

Only Wes Welker (672) has more receptions with the Patriots than Brown (557).

And Brown's three-year peak (2000-02) was excellent.

Aside from Jerry Rice (1,570), that was the most in the league that year. 11 on these rankings if there was one more spot available.

Steve Grogan and Drew Bledsoe, QBFor many franchises, Grogan and Bledsoe would be near-locks for a spot in the top 10.Also, only players who spent at least 50 percent of their careers with the Patriots were eligible.That latter qualifier forced us to exclude one Hall of Fame linebacker, who we'll briefly discuss in the honorable mentions.He was named the 1964 AFL Player of the Year, accounting for 155 points that season.Bruce Armstrong, Jon Morris and Matt Light, OLArmstrong was named a Pro Bowler six times.

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