Terry kennedy dating angela simmons

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A source close to the rumored couple told Baller Status that the pair have been dating for a few months now, and have been attending events all around the country.Word is, Angela has even brought him home to meet her dad, Rev. lol at the fact that I saw them both at Halloween USA this weekend….spoke to Angela, very nice girl…..

Well, I just learned today that Angela is currently dating Skillz of Play ‘n Skillz, one half of the producer duo from Dallas, TX.

It’s an off day in the World Series, and no matter what happens on the field, this will be the last weekend of baseball for 2011.

And the NBA isn’t going to be taking up any of the slack after baseball goes away, either. I usually give deference to the big league players who passed through the Cardinals’ organization in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Industry moles told us that Simmons, star of MTV’s “Run’s House,” was spotted on at Terrell Owens’ charity birthday bash in Dallas on Monday night (December 15) with Skillz.

The pair was affectionate with each other throughout the night, our spy said.

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The Cubs had replaced Bob Kennedy as GM after the Tribune company bought the team, and so sticking it to the team that fired your dad must have felt pretty good, I would imagine.

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