Teen love older men chat sites

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Teen love older men chat sites

Some were single, he said, and some were in long-term relationships.

The study of Finnish adults found that many heterosexual men were, in fact, interested in women substantially younger than they were.For example, the average age of heterosexual men in the study was 37.And on average, they would consider having sex with a woman as young as 21.I look young for my age and I act young for my age, so why should I feel ashamed (or even surprised) that I’m attracted to guys a few years younger than me?And it works both ways – if you’re mature for your age, then you’ll naturally be attracted to older men.

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The first guy I properly dated was exactly a year younger than me (we shared the same birthday, I thought it was meant to be) and the last guy I dated was four years younger than me. ) and thought I’d increase my age limit to 39 to see if there were any silver foxes about. You could smell the desperation through the phone – it was like they had their mum breathing down their necks asking for grandkids.