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I'm afraid that Kitsch is going to be a world apart from Riggins—that he'll talk in actorspeak, use the word process a lot and tell me about the benefits of a gluten-free diet, gaze into every reflective surface, and fluff his hair.

I'm afraid that meeting him will kill the fantasy, basically.

It skips a lot of stops at night, and then it stays up at 181st Street, I think. And the security guy would come on and be like, 'Get out.' And I'd get out." Kitsch then headed to L. He landed a few roles in projects that required little more of him than looking bohunky and not flubbing his lines too egregiously. For those of you who are just starting to watch on Netflix—which is responsible for elevating the show to cult status in the last few years—let's talk a bit more about Riggins.

(Fun fact: Kitsch was originally asked to read for the part of straight-arrow QB Jason Street.) It's no surprise that Riggins is the Dillon Panther who's scored the most touchdowns, off the field if not on.

It looked, at least for a moment, as if he'd flamed out before he'd even become a star.

If Kitsch didn't let the hype fluster him, though, he wouldn't let the trashing either.

Not that Riggins's presence is heavy or maudlin—he wears his saintly grace lightly, and with a grin—but he's a tragic figure nonetheless.

Immediately I start to relax, because it's such a Riggins maneuver. Proud of it." In high school he was a clown—voted funniest in his class— and artsy: "I always had to be the lead in the play." But what he was mostly was an athlete, a hockey player.

fans: Remember Riggins's brief—blink and you missed it—foray into higher education, when he sat in a lecture hall taking notes with a never-been-sharpened pencil? What a person who's less trying to amuse others than amuse himself would do. Kitsch was born in Kelowna, British Columbia, and raised by a single mom in a trailer park. Following graduation in 1999, there was a stint with the junior A Langley Hornets that ended when he blew out his knee.

, about an ex-Confederate soldier on planet Mars, was an out-and-out fiasco.

Disney would incur a 0 million loss on the movie, and according to the trades, it cost the head of Walt Disney Studios his job.

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He's a man's man whom women are drawn to, yet is, essentially, solitary.

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