Speed dating events in sussex fresh beat band members dating

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Speed dating events in sussex

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If you have the patience, wit and grace to find the good in me, then hello. best describe myself without seeming either to negative or to positive. ppl call me Rachee im 26 and from East Sussex and currently work for the Ambulance Service........a very laid back person and sometimes most probably to laid back.

That’s why so many single men and women are using trusted online dating sites to help them find love. primary school teacher, which, so I am told, makes me slightly insane... I would describe myself as fun and outgoing - some have been known to describe me as 'bubbly', but i'm not sure I like that. I work pretty hard and don't get much time to myself. You get out of practice - I've loads of female friends, but I don't know..sparks. I like homely life or pubs,pictures,meals out,but rarely enjoy clubbing. Usually i chill out with my music and ps2,but thats because i don't have a special lady in my life,at the moment. I enjoy socialising and occasionally get to play tennis and badminton. People always describe me a fun and permanently happy, I just like to think that I can put a bright side on all situations!

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