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Southern girl dating sites

How have you treated the women from non-Southern states? IF you are dealing with a Southerner who comes from a middle- to upper-class background, then that person usually puts a lot of stock is put into subtle courtesies that make up good manners.

I am cracking up at the idea of my SO slamming doors in my face or belching at the dinner table because I grew up in Manhattan. This is true whether you are dating someone or doing business with someone.

Our school system is in the top 100-150 in the country, depending on who is doing the rating. But she automatically assumed that her kids would be using hornbooks and be taught creationism.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. We are both college freshman and we started going out recently.She's from Waycross, Georgia( South Georgia very close to FL).The default for Southerners is to be polite, which many Northerners confuse for being friendly.And, depending on how they like you, they'll move on to being friendly, remain polite, or get a little frostier by being civil. Then over the next fifteen minutes, she proceeded to complain about the heat and worried that her children would not get the kind of education they received in Connecticut.

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My suburb is filled to the rafters with MDs, Ph Ds, MBAs, and the rest of the alphabet soup of postgraduate and professional life. The wife looked oddly at us, as if an alien life form had just slithered up on her lawn. She then worried that she wouldn't have anything to do down here, as if we are just illiterate, knuckle-dragging savages. When she came to our house and scanned our bookshelves filled with some rather challenging stuff, she said, "I just didn't think anyone read down here." Yes. Like I said, I can appreciate certain cultural differences.