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As someone who realized years ago through personal experience dating younger men that porn was becoming default sex education, and launched my site specifically to combat this, I welcome the world finally waking up to the fact that today we must educate children about both sex and porn.

On Tuesday, for example, a committee of British MPs published a report recommending that pornography should be taught as part of sex and relationships education in schools.

The average age today at which a child first views hardcore porn online is eight—a Bitdefender survey conducted three years ago indicates that age could be as low as six.

This isn't because 8 year olds and 6 year olds go looking for porn.

For parents and teachers, I recommend approaching the conversation in this way: everything in life starts with you and your values.The opposite of what society thinks is true: girls enjoy sex just as much as boys, and boys are just as romantic as girls.Use outside prompts and the excellent resources that already exist.These can be quite confusing and so it's a good idea not to watch them till you're older—but if you come across these or anyone shows you anything that confuses you, tell me/us and we can talk about it."Be explicit.Obviously, the degree of explicitness will vary with age, but parents need to be aware that however explicit they're being, kids are encountering far worse explicitness in the things they see online and being passed around by their friends.

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I don't necessarily mean you need to have the "big full-on conversation," but more consider what you will do the very first time your child asks where babies come from, touches themselves or does something else sex-related.

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