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“They’re not walking into a bar wondering who is single and who is not.You don’t have to guess people’s intentions.” Julie Spira, online-dating expert and author of “The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online” (Morgan James Publishing, .95), says offline events are win-win for sites and users.“We noticed a lot of women just don’t go places by themselves very often,” she says.Since launching The Stir, there have been 1,500 events held in 80 markets.“If someone’s a jerk online, they’re going to be a jerk offline.” Free site Ok Cupid has been organizing events such as karaoke, painting classes and trivia nights for site users in the New York City area since July.The site makes sure attendees at each event are compatible matches.

The goal of online-dating sites is to get people out into the dating world, says Justine Sacco, Ok Cupid spokeswoman.

Sites are organizing group outings that let users get to know each other in casual settings and alleviate the pressure that can accompany one-on-one first dates.

“The goal has always been to bridge the online dating with the offline world,” says Cayla Gebhardt, spokeswoman. The goal is to get out and see how singles interact in real life.” To that end, Match, the largest online dating site with 1.8 million active members, launched The Stir, a campaign aimed at getting singles together at group outings.

' The worst thing you're going to have here is a three minute bad slow dance, then you can move on.

Compared to if you were computer dating, you could be stuck there [on a one-on-one date] all night.' said event regular Tim Kakascik, 65, of Steubenville.

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