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Tackling your shyness head-on will put you way ahead of the curve with your competition.

Very few shy guys actively work on this side of their character. For a start, if you’re too shy to approach a girl, you’re putting the conversation on a pedestal.

Ask girls for directions, but aim to stay in the conversation long enough to work out the colour of their eyes.

This is a great way of learning how to build tension in conversations.

That’s a pretty demeaning way of looking at the world.

Everyone wants connection and spontaneity, and depriving her of those just because you can’t stop thinking about sex is selfish.

If you’re asking yourself how to stop being shy, you might instead try building a version of yourself that isn’t. You also need to embrace the butterflies in your stomach. Even the most experienced pick-up artists feel nerves or excitement when they’re talking to a girl they’re interested in – it’s a biological reaction.However, the beginning of a relationship can be very stressful.How do you overcome your shyness to get to the place where you feel comfortable together?Eventually, the process of talking to women will become just another type of conversation.You also need to abandon the idea that any girl is “too good” for you because she’s good-looking.

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A woman wants to see that you are assertive, ready to lead, and comfortable with going after what you want.

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