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Sharepoint itemupdating afterproperties

The most common set of receivers used, however, are part of SPItem Event Receiver which let you wire your code up to a number of events that can occur to items on a list or library.

When working with events, you’ll quickly find that before (synchronous) and after (asynchronous) events exist, and the method suffix such as “ing” (e.g. Item Added) will tell you whether it gets invoked before or after the actual change is made. And, as you get deeper, you’ll even find that you can extract the before and after state of the change.

The best approach I found was to use the Item Updating event and then force Item Updating to be called by triggering an update in the Item Added event.

But i didn't stop my analyze on this, i continue with few more posts, then i identified following post Post 2 : Note : This is untested one, check at your end once before implementing in production.However, I needed to be able to insert the document ID value into a Word document as a field.Sharepoint does not include calculated fields as part of the document metadata so using calculated columns was not a good solution for me. There are a lot of actions a user could take that should trigger my code.New value means that the correct value for the column was available.Changed value means that the correct updated value was available.

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