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Sexy taekwondo woman

According to this 2005 study in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, men are, on average, both larger and stronger than women.Although this can confer particular advantages athletically, karate is a different case.And we are not just talking about pretty Karate katas. If she ever has to use her skills, chances are it would be against a male aggressor - so she has to be good..You don’t hear much about assaults by women on women - or on men for that matter! A Karate woman may be smaller and lighter on average, yet she will be quicker and able to use her smaller frame to generate far more destructive power than a regular guy.There are obvious differences between males and females physically, and nowhere is this more apparent than in combat sports.

The difference is that she has knowledge of Karate basics particularly Karate blocks.

Female fighters are not only coming to mixed martial arts from traditional Karate styles - most are starting from scratch.

In fact, a trad background may not help because MMA women are doing real female combat.

MMA women are a mix of street smart determination and real fighting ability.

Womens MMA pro ranks are swelling by the day - their names and faces are all over the web and MMA media.

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Most women are brave indeed - maybe braver than men. In an amazing display of combat ability, Australia's Sensei Naomi Wood added her name to the true elites of Kyokushin Karate by becoming the only female ever to complete the 100 "Man" Kumite test.

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