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So, even though I 100% *love* dramatic story-games like The Last of Us, Witcher, and Sekiro… (Also because I suck at them, but who's counting.) That does at least mean that if you stream it or play for me, I will happily be right beside you, watching, cheering, geeking out, and occasionally backseat gaming. I'm hopeless romantic who loves love and all the cheesy things.

I'm also dealing with a depression, anxiety and trying to find out who am I and what I like.

I'm looking for friends or more in close age range to me 20-25 mostly because I don't think I can connect with someone older or younger.

Send me a meme, rant about your day or how bad was ending of your favorite TV show.

This rule will cut down on the prevalence of several of these elements although it will certainly not remove them completely. Thanks for BEING an asshole with my formatting, other trait of Reddit that I don't know about. At least, when people are describing me, that’s often what they say.

Unfortunately, this means I’m a bit prone to getting into arguments online that devolve into catty bitch-fights (hence my username, which you'll find out if we end up talking and I message you on my main). I always feel bad about it later, and I apologize if I can, but of course that doesn’t excuse me from doing it in the first place. well, books, as you have seen, but also games of all sorts.I’m addicted to Town of Salem and Skyrim right now, but I also love things like Munchkin, Cards Against Humanity, Stardew Valley, anything in a Jackbox Party Pack, etc.I am very, *very* good at Tetris, and I’m an expert at pressing down-square in Tekken until I win.I'll be in San Antonio for ait here in 2-3 months.And since I'm single now, having something fun to look forward to on the weekends would be fan-fucking-tastic.

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I tend to put myself in the shoes of the victim too much, so if I watch a *really* violent scene, I find it hard to breathe.