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Instruct domestic staff and dependents to do the same, and to report any unusual activity. Government provides well-secured residences for its employees. Credit cards are gaining acceptance at establishments in larger tourist cities, and there are ATMs in many places in the capital. According to the Tunisian National Road Safety Observatory, there were more than 6,700 recorded traffic accidents, approximately 1,421 deaths, and well over 10,000 injuries in 2017.Inspect your home periodically to identify vulnerabilities or inoperative security features. These figures illustrate the need to be well aware of the neighborhoods, local traffic patterns, and road culture before renting a car or self-driving.Most reported criminal incidents against foreigners are crimes of opportunity (e.g.pickpocketing, purse/phone snatching, and petty theft). The selection of foreigners as targets tends to focus on those who appear unfamiliar with their surroundings or who dress expensively, wear Western-style clothing, or draw attention to themselves by not speaking the local language.Although burglaries may seem like a random occurrence, they involve a selection process.

Most home burglars are young males (ages 17-25) looking for small, expensive items they can convert to cash easily.Police may take drivers involved in a motor accident that results in death or serious injury into protective custody until they determine responsibility.This can mean spending days to months in detention.If you give a key to domestic staff, consider using secondary locks. Even though the Embassy has not seen a high level of credit card fraud among U. citizens, there are numerous financial scams reported by authorities.Discourage children from answering the door/gate, and do not open the door/gate until you have identified the visitor. Road safety poses one of the greatest risks to foreign travelers.

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Drivers involved in traffic accidents involving injury to individuals must notify police, and all drivers involved must not leave the scene before the police finish the investigation.