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It is believed the abuse continued into the child's teens.

In another case, between 19, Boyle allegedly anally rapped a boy after plying him with alcohol and rendering him unconscious.

In an interview with other church leaders, Strittmatter reportedly said, "I can't remember individual acts. Between 19, Boyle engaged in fondling, masturbation, and oral intercourse with a 10 or 11-year old boy.

In 1971, Boyle allegedly groped the genitals of a 15-year old boy in a church basement in Barnesboro, Pa., on numerous occasions.

What follows are details of how each father, monsignor and bishop named in the report were involved in the systemic abuse.

While pastoring a a church in Altoona, Pa., Burkhardt allegedly sexually abused a 9-year old boy.

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The victim recalled Wolfe stating that her breasts were "the rosebuds of her youth". James Bunn Bunn is alleged to have engaged in sexual intercourse with a child on multiple occasions during a six month to one year period between the child's 10th and 13th birthdays. Skupien The Grand Jury concluded that Skupien had engaged in a "long-term oral sex-for-cash arrangement" after hiring a disadvantaged 18-year old to work for him. Thomas Carroll In 1971, the Grand Jury found Carroll used alcohol to render a 12 to 13-year old boy compliant to his will. One of Carroll's fellow priests testified before the Grand Jury that it was common knowledge that Carroll was molesting children. Gerard Ream The Grand Jury found that while serving as a religious teacher in Bishop Carroll Catholic High School he engaged in regular sexual meetings with a teenage girl.

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