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Vincent is victorious and defeats Dumuzid, who is revealed to be an associate of Astaroth.

In Full Body, Rin moves in next door to Vincent after taking a job at the Stray Sheep playing piano.

Vincent Brooks is unwilling to commit to marrying his longtime girlfriend Katherine.

One night at the Stray Sheep Bar, a drunken Vincent meets an enigmatic young woman named Catherine; they have a one-night stand which turns into an affair.

Vincent can earn pillows that allow him to retry levels.

The gameplay is divided into two parts; daytime social simulation segments where Vincent interacts with various characters at the Stray Sheep bar, and nightmare segments where he navigates deadly block towers using a combination of platforming and puzzle solving.If Vincent chooses to reconnect with Rin, she appears in Vincent's nightmare and is captured by Mutton, with Vincent rescuing her by defeating Astaroth.Alternate endings for Katherine and Catherine are unlocked if Vincent sends them a recording of Rin's piano music.Vincent and Rin grow close, with Rin comforting him in his nightmares by playing the piano.During one meeting, Vincent accidentally discovers that Rin is a cross-dressing man, which causes a rift between them following Vincent's shocked reaction.

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The story follows Vincent Brooks, a man who is beset by supernatural nightmares while torn between his feelings for longtime girlfriend Katherine and the similarly-named beauty Catherine.