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However, women aged 50 or older today differ from women of previous generations with respect to both their attitudes toward sexuality and the availability of sexual partners as they age.

An increasing number of single women in the 50 age bracket are dating and seeking romantic sexual partners.

Although the proportion of women who were sexually active decreased with age, 59% of women aged 60 reported being sexually active in the previous 6 months.These older adults are more likely to be diagnosed with HIV later in the course of their disease, usually because they are unaware of risk factors.For women, the major risk factor is having sex with a man infected with HIV, which accounted for 86% of new HIV cases in women in 2015.Romantic partner status was the most strongly associated factor with being sexually active, regardless of age.Similarly, in another cross-sectional study of 1,977 women aged 45-80, 60% reported being sexually active in the previous 3 months.

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In the United States, the overall incidence of STIs among adults aged 50 has risen in recent years.

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