Sccm queries not updating

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Sccm queries not updating

Name like "Trolley1-%" This code is supposed to find all devices that start with the name Trolley1- It currently finds 7 - TROLLEY1-LPT16, TROLLEY1-LPT3..... Admittedly 3 do not have the client on them as they have not been turned on since we installed SCCM, but at least one other TROLLEY1-LPT9 does not show up in the collection.

If I go to devices, and type Trolley1- into the filter, I can see 12 devices.

I'm new to SCCM, and have been creating Device Collections based on our Computer Names.

I have the following query in the device membership rules - created automatically by going to the Criteria Tab and filling in the Critereon Properties window.

Child 2 will never see the device Test2 unless the collection is updated either manually or by making a rule change which will trigger the UDC file and a full update.

For this last scenario, you will want to monitor the and get the timing just right. When colleval completes the next Incremental, follow the same steps as in Test 2, however this time, import the device and immediately Manually update All Systems.

You can monitor and should see the collection ID of your limiting collection added to the Graph for processing. This is the time that the new device was imported and the direct membership rules were created.

In our environment, we removed the default recurring schedules from about 1750 device collections that use Direct membership rules.

Up until that point, we had seen some strange collection behaviors, but never at the level that we began to experience them post Config Mgr 1810.

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About a month ago, I wrote a post for System Center Dudes related to the changes to recurring collection schedules in SCCM 1810.

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If you are using SCCM 1602 or below, follow Now that our classes are enabled, trigger a Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle (to have the latest Client Settings) followed by an Hardware inventory Cycle on a computer that has Office installed.