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Nico looks to be about ten and seems to be very interested in Mythomagic, a card game about Greek mythology.But when twelve-year-old Bianca accepts Artemis' proposal to become a Hunter, Nico gets angry at her for abandoning him.In The Titan's Curse, Bianca recalls that shortly after she and Nico had their memories wiped, they were returned to Washington D. and told by a lawyer (Alecto in disguise) that their parents were dead, and had left a bank trust for them.

After some time had passed, Hades, hoping that one of his children might one day become the "child of the Eldest Gods" (referred to in the Great Prophecy), decided to place them in the Lotus Hotel and Casino, and tasked Alecto with the job.

It was later revealed that Nico had been obsessed with pirates even before he started collecting Mythomagic cards.

Bianca mentioned that the summer before she left Westover Hall (during the events of The Sea of Monsters), she and Nico visited Washington D. once again, and were very surprised to see several subway stations that had not been there before.

He doesn't appear again until after Percy returns from the quest, where Percy explains to him that Bianca died to save the others on the quest, being killed by a smaller version of Talos when she grabbed a Hades Mythomagic figure, which was the only one Nico didn't have for Nico while saving the others.

He immediately turns on Percy, telling him he hates him, and reminding him of the promise he made to keep Bianca safe.

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Percy tries to comfort him, and Nico claims he can sense her soul being judged.

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