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Scam letters are different from genuine letters only in one feature: you will never think it is a scam!Scam letters are composed by people whose best knowledge is people's psychology, particularly the men's psychology.Disinterest in your money matters does not mean anything, as well as interest in it is not a bad sign.An attractive young woman may be interested in you because you are successful and have a strong personality, and it does not necessary mean a scammer. So it is virtually impossible to detect a scam in the very beginning.

All is false - pictures, letters, words and feelings.If your correspondent behaves in such a way, IT IS NOT A REAL WOMAN. There are some corresponding danger signs that you should also watch out for.The woman is VERY attractive and younger than you; She is surprisingly mature and all she wants from life is a happy family and children; she is not interested in things that are typical for her age like discos, parties, dancing, fashion, night clubs, career, and of course she is not interested in your money; She is usually a student or has a very modest income; she is seldom a professional or business owner, she is never successful and does not live well even according to the Russian standards; She is frequently using words such as 'dear', 'lovely' along with your name or without it throughout the letters, sometimes in every second sentence.The transferred amount cannot be refunded, even if you paid by credit card.A scam may be performed by a loner or group of well organized criminals.

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There are some definite red flags but normally you won't be able to say for sure it is a SCAM before the money matters arise.