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Or in another recap, because we’ve got three more to go!) The pair’s opening dialogue, in which Lorelai accuses her kid of looking far too glam for having just disembarked a transatlantic flight (“You’ve been Goop’d!They get into bed, kiss and prepare for sleep; it is so decidedly unsexy, yet somehow REALLY sexy. Thankfully, the conversation turns toward caffeine, which is a totally appropriate drug to consume in the wee hours of the morning. It starts with Lorelai mocking Emily for the wall-size portrait of Richard she commissioned, then riding her for refusing to admit that she got the dimensions wrong. ” Emily finally relents, and the hurt in her voice makes me feel bad that I laughed hard at Rory’s near-snarfing of her martini when Lorelai goes all Gandalf and shouts, “WIZARD, YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Then much later, after Luke has chauffeured Rory to the airport, Lorelai falls asleep while her mom and some of Richard’s friends are reminiscing about him. Emily lands the coup d’grace by saying that her daughter could not care less that Richard is gone. Emily seems oddly unfazed by all of this and is more focused on Rory’s leap-and-the-net-will-appear approach to life.Lorelai wakes up from a nightmare about dirty bathrooms to find Rory “stress tap-dancing” in the kitchen. Rory’s a little anxious about her future; “I have a lot of irons in the fire,” she reassures her mom, but a planned article fell through. ) Lorelai in turn offers that she’s been “feeling my mortality lately,” and if there’s a better line reading in the world than the one Lauren Graham gives on “and And then, 20 minutes into the episode, Rory quietly asks, “Do you think it’s because of Grandpa? SOOKIE UPDATE Edward’s absence isn’t the only one that is sorely felt: Sookie took off for a six-month sabbatical but hasn’t been back for a year. Emily asks for everyone’s favorite story of the man; when it’s Lorelai’s turn, she twists herself into a pretzel — literally — trying to get out of saying anything, then word-vomits up some unflattering memories about his absence during her childhood and his catching her having sex when she was 15. “So, you’re homeless,” she says, succinctly summing up her granddaughter’s living situation. Rory’s old friend is now someone who arranges surrogates for couples wanting children; don’t worry, she’s still horrifyingly inappropriate.which turns into hanging out with Rory while she does a few errands before taking off again. (Nice Danny Strong meta burn there.) Lane and Zack are doing great, Hep Alien sounds awesome and Steve and Kwan are so big!One more thing: Rory is lying to her mom about where she stays while she’s in London, aka Lorelai doesn’t know about Logan.We open on Lorelai sitting in the Stars Hollow gazebo, wearing a baby pink peacoat that is going on my Christmas list right… As she later tells Lorelai, “This is my time to be rootless and see where life takes me.” Lorelai seems OK with that agenda.(Rory’s zero-to-Susan Orlean career trajectory seems a little suspect to me, but we can discuss that later.

So when they rip into each other, Emily in particular, goes for blood.He’s gig, but not so proud that he’ll sanction pre-meal junk-food bingeing.(#The More Things Change) A guy named Paul shows up at the front door, and if you don’t remember him, don’t worry: No one in the house does, either…But it’s also aware that time — and age — can make you start thinking about the big questions, and fan back in the day.So from the moment that “Winter” opens with audio callbacks to the original series, I’m like Luke when it comes to Lorelai: All in. Rory meets her mother there; she’s just flown in from London and can only stay a day, because her new career path as a freelance journalist allows — nay, demands! She’s had a Talk of the Town piece published in , she’s got a meeting with Condé Nast.

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Lane somehow looks younger than she did in the original run.

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