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and later redecorated to the A-class standard it holds today!But, onto their cocktails, their award-winning cocktail menu is truly something else – mixed with metropolitan spirits and local bestsellers, sometimes even both. Apotek’s Happy hour is between 3 pm and 6 pm every day and the cocktails are half price so if you are looking to drink fancy but spend rationally then this is the way to go..This liberal place will always pleasantly surprise anyone who came for a sit-down, as soon as you hit the dance floor there is no getting off it’s as simple as that.This free-spirited watering hole has a sit-down area on the ground floor, a “louder” sit-down area on the 1st floor, a smoking area and then the best of best, a great big dance floor where you can really break loose.

While a little pricier than some other establishments in the area, Loftið offers an impressive cocktail and whiskey menu.This place is popular with visitors (both hotel guests and those passing through), and serves up quirky cocktails, beer, and hearty food.Depending on when you visit, you might be landing in the middle of a happy hour or in time to enjoy for some live local a fascinating, small city that’s evolving nicely: Iceland has become a lot more popular with tourists in recent years and is enjoying newfound prosperity, which means new bars and restaurants have begun springing up to cater for the growing numbers of visitors.And yet, somewhat miraculously, the city has maintained its unique character, charm, and appeal during this cultural Renaissance.!

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And, like many countries West of the Atlantic, Iceland has a late-night lifestyle ingrained into its culture: Many locals don’t go out until after midnight, and some venues stay open as late as - am on weekends.’s oldest streets, and one renowned for its shopping opportunities, fun bars, and varied restaurants.