Retired military dating websites

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Retired military dating websites

That’s what Joint Base Lewis Mc Chord Army Major Gordon Hannett says.

His smiling-man-in-uniform photos have been used thousands of times on hundreds of dating websites by scammers targeting women. What they do is, they start talking to the woman through emails.

Just today I looked on Facebook and I found three people with fake profiles with my last name and my pictures.

Every week I find people with fake profiles with my pictures.” Major Hannett has made it his mission to get the word out, so women don’t fall for these scams and soldiers protect their photos from scammers.

“It’s almost always women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

We made a budget, got organized, shopped early and ultimately didn’t go broke!But he’s still surprised that the ladies get duped. You know, the guy will say, ‘I’m in Afghanistan but I want you to send the money to Ghana.’ And the woman will say, ‘Why Ghana?“A soldier tells you that he’s a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, or a General. I’ve seen scripts of the conversations that they have in IM messages. ’ And he’ll say, ‘That’s where I have business interests.’ or ‘That’s where my partner is.’ The women fall for that. ” The most interesting thing is, once these women contact him, and they know he’s not the man who sent them romantic poems and said I love you, they still try and strike something up with him.They basically get them hooked; they send poetry, they tell them they love them.They tell them they’re in the Army and they’re in Afghanistan or Iraq.

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A little backstory: First thing you need to know about my… THIS HAD ZERO effect on my experience…cause it had a visable effect and they did not ask, suggest or pay me to post this on my site. Part of being healthy and happy is having peace of mind…

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