Radcombobox not updating Women seeking men skype

Posted by / 25-Jul-2020 06:01

Radcombobox not updating

I have created a simplified example illustrate this problem. So in the image above, I have a Text Block (in black) that shows the 'Selected Person. The First Name and Last Name properties of the Selected Person are shown in the 2 Text Boxes below the Full Name.

The Combo Box Display Member Path is bound to 'Full Name' and the combobox contains a list of Person objects.

However, it is ONLY updating correctly in the Text Block.Hi Ivan, I have a simple combobox datatemplate that binds to a business object that implements Property Changed.The Item Source is bound to a list of selections located in the current window that implements the propgrid.Empty)) End Sub Now, if you just add a static item to the combobox - it will not be shown as an item when you open the dropdown.Because its Data Item property is NULL (since it is added as static item) and the Data Binder.

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Thanks, it's the Is Editable issue that is causing the problem for us - I wasn't aware of that specific behaviour.