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Take a proactive approach by gaining information about your partner’s sexual preferences, including frequency of sex and sexual needs.Consider how you will both continue to develop the sexual component of your relationship and keep the spark alive. You may both be marriage-minded, but unfortunately this fact doesn’t necessarily mean you view marriage in the same light.In fact, research by John Gottman says 69% of problems in relationships are unsolvable, so it’s all about management and communication instead of avoidance.Having a plan for how to manage conflict, including developing skills such as remaining calm, listening, taking a cooperative stance, and being willing to apologize, will be helpful down the line.Without putting pressure on your partner to disclose too much personal financial information, ask about financial history, goals, and spending habits.Consider how finances may be merged (or not) in the future and how shared expenses will be divided.In the early stages of a relationship, you may feel eager to see where things go.

This may be crushing in the moment, but it’s better to know sooner than later.Awareness makes all the difference, especially if you’re contemplating serious milestones, such as cohabitation, engagement, marriage, and/or child-bearing.If you’re considering getting more serious with your boyfriend or girlfriend and are wondering what to ask and how to ask, this guide is for you.It’s important to be aware of what cheating means to your partner, so you can prevent unnecessary misunderstandings and heartbreak in the future.If there are discrepancies in your definitions, or your partner wants an open relationship and you don’t, spend some time articulating your feelings and determining if you can reach an agreement.

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It’s important not to assume how your partner feels about kids.