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Posted by / 17-Feb-2020 10:34

Piss sex chat room

I’m sick and want someone like minded Hi I am a transwoman living full-time and I am an extreme no-limits no-taboo toilet, shit eater, piss drinker.

I don't like social suicides and don't want anyone to have one either. Other than that what I offer and expect is to have extreme & filthy fun! Ladies only ;) Hi am a scatboy from Spain and Im finding a scatgirl around 18 years to have real scat sex.

EVERY FEMALE IS A GODDESS, every male is a slave for EVERY GODDESS!

Hey all I am 31 m currently practicing more than ever! City as big as vegas and its very rare to find someone into scat.

Looking for online female play partners to ger really messy and share it! If you are a sub or a scat intrested women kik me at tunystoy. Kik message me at Vegaskink ysex Put the whole word together no space.

Mature and quality conversation with dirty fetshes and pleasures! This forum would not allow me to spell out that word for some reason Hello to all men and women. I am very, very much into scat, poop and all toilet activities!

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