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We all want to feel that spark right from the get-go, but sometimes, falling in love can take time and you may need more than just one round of drinks post-work to figure out if you have chemistry.

Licensed clinical psychologist, says a second chance is not a bad idea.

It’s frankly a mantra I repeat in my head over-and-over before any date I have.

Since going into date number one, I rarely know much more than the basics, I tend to remind myself to not get too excited. You will see your luck shift into positive outcomes.

Martinez says being strategic about the apps that you invest your energy, heart, and time into is important.

If you value honesty and integrity, you need to act this way as well to attract someone with those qualities,” she explains.

While the image of walking into a dark room and the spotlight shines down beautifully on this stranger that you just have to meet is a wonderful story line, it’s often not how dating works.

“When we get to know someone we can appreciate them for who they are and see how they can enrich our lives.

So get to know someone, you may find that the closer you get to them the more attractive they become in your eyes.”Okay, so no one gives you this advice but your friends will likely go down the long, treacherous, overreacting road with you if you invite them.

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