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Strega also has Persona summoning abilities and are Artificial Persona Users (can summon Personas without Evokers), and take Persona Suppressors (drugs).

After several of these Full Moon Operations, Mitsuru is forced to reveal to the team the origin of Tartarus and the Dark Hour which she has been hiding from SEES.

A portable version with an optional female protagonist and visual novel type cutscenes was released as Persona 3 Portable for Play Station Portable.

Because there is no definitive version of Persona 3, FES and Portable are both recommended for the full Persona 3 experience.

An enhanced version of the game containing an epilogue called The Answer was released as Persona 3 FES, also for the Play Station 2.

This version is available on the Play Station Store for Play Station 3.

Ten years ago, the Kirijo Group, a research company founded by Mitsuru's grandfather, began amassing and containing Shadows.

They studied and performed experiments on them, in order to harness their power.

According to Igor, the power of his Social Links will determine his potential in combat.

Persona 3 is the fourth game in the Persona series.

The game was developed by Atlus for the Play Station 2.

SEES summons Personas using gun-shaped items called Evokers by shooting themselves in the head, an action reminiscent of suicide.

Members of SEES are all students attending Gekkoukan High School, sans Shuji Ikutsuki who is the chief director of the high school: During the Dark Hour, SEES begins to encounters a mysterious and somewhat hostile trio called Strega, consisting of Takaya Sakaki, Jin Shirato and Chidori Yoshino.

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Two years earlier, Shinjiro had accidentally caused the death of Ken's mother when his Persona went berserk while on a SEES mission.

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