Outlook 2016 public folders not updating

Posted by / 11-Jul-2020 11:58

Outlook 2016 public folders not updating

Here are the options that are presented: Those who need Outlook to retain a large volume of messages could potentially have difficulty retrieving information.

A Search Folder aims to eliminate the needle-in-a-haystack scenario.

Then you need to learn about the benefits of folders and subfolders. Depending on your organization, you may see additional folders created by an administrator or by other services, such as Skype or Yammer.Office 365 account has read and manage (plus send email from and on behalf) permissions to another mailbox.I've setup the office 365 account in outlook 2016 using autodiscover which all works ok.This tells me that it's something with Outlook or Windows 10.I have tried installing Office 2016, repairing 2013, reinstalling, re-creating profile, and etc.

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With Cached Mode on, you’ll have an OST file created for each extra mailbox you add, and you’ll hit performance issues if you have over 500 folders over all mailboxes added to the account.

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