Ora 14402 updating partition key

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This picture illustrates the steps you have seen above – hope you find it useful πŸ™‚ Conclusion: If a table structure needs to be modified and the table is permanently accessed by end users, this can be done with some effort using DBMS_REFDEFINITION.

One common – but not the only possible – use case is the modification of a non-partitioned table into a partitioned one.

Hi Tom, Great to visit ask tom site i'm keep on learning oracle things here. i have loaded with "SRC_key = 16" new source data into tables which we used in this view. Short question: If I delete cca 3M entries from table of cca 6.5 rows (and 19 columns), would it be beneficial to re-index? Hello, I want to use TDE tablespace encryption on my database.The next step will basically insert all the rows from the original table into the interim table (thereby automatically generating 99 partitions), while DML during that period is recorded: If this step takes a long time to run it might be beneficial to use the SYNC_INTERIM_TABLE procedure occasionally from another session.That prevents a longer locking time for the last step, the calling of FINISH_REDEF_TABLE.β€”LOCAL REPLICATE THE ERROR:——————– create table partition_test( key number(5)) partition by range(key) (partition p1 values less than (100), partition p2 values less than (200), partition p3 values less than (300), partition p4 values less than (maxvalue)); Table created.Hi, When I am trying to execute an update statement where i am tring to update date values emp_det from 11-oct-2010 to 12-nov-2010.

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One benefit of that would be the possibility of partition pruning, should there be statements, specifying the cust_id in the where-condition.