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EDS covers any condition effecting the connective tissue. They’d all be intrigued to know, so I’d go around and pose and take tens and twenty pences for a bit of a show.

NAKED: You had the idea of making it into a career quite early on? I went to London with my father and learnt the scaffolding trade and got into construction.

They all get pissed on Tequila and fire the pegs on! NAKED: What happened to you after setting these records?

GARRY: Without trying to find work in the entertainment game it was all coming to me.

By making people laugh at the same time, I just fell in love with entertaining. NAKED: Is there any kind of support organisation for EDS or your particular condition? But when I started doing TV appearances they complained heavily saying “you shouldn’t be putting yourself on TV ridiculing yourself and ridiculing the disease.” I said, “excuse me, but its people like myself that have done the research for the condition.” For example, its like the Elephant Man, a freak giving themselves to science. Here I am with the stretchiest skin in the world – a classic case of EDS! So do you find people prejudice to the more obvious physical freaks?

Four years ago I would never ever be an entertainer, not in my living life. That’s why they have all the information they have now. Because I wanted to find out more information about the disorder, my partner Jane joined the support group – they wouldn’t let me join. GARRY: I think that the opinions are just split all over the place. ” to “Oh my God, that is funny.” The reactions are right across the board. When we get the girls up to pull my skin from the audience – they’re just normal members of the public – and I would say one in ten doesn’t want to do this. NAKED: Do you think that looking normal, yet at the same time being a classic example of ‘the freak’ has given you a unique perspective? It’s like a costume I’m permanently wearing that doesn’t bother me. NAKED: Have you been asked to take part in a “classic” freak show? A friend of mine Matt Fraser, who is a “thalidomide” and has flippers, did a documentary a couple of years ago about the old freak show artists at Coney Island.

Yes my friends, today is your once-in-a-life opportunity to feast your eyes upon the world’s strangest living creature... Quietly tucked behind the scenes we found the trailer of Gary “Stretch” Turner and talked to him about life as the world’s stretchiest man.

It was making a whole lot more money than the plastering so I soon put the trowel down.

There wasn’t much thinking really; I had to do this. The most pain I go through is putting brand new pegs on at the end of the night.

The specialist’s have told me that during old age I will get even stretchier.

One of the tricks I do is where I have a half-size basketball and I throw it up in the air with a bit of backspin on it. So hopefully by the time I’m fifty I’ll be using a proper basketball!

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