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I haven't talked with her in a while, but I think things are going alright. I knew all there was to know him and he knew everything about me.I knew I was going to meet this kid, and marry him one day.I have a friend that I met on gamefaqs some years ago. We exchange chats once a day on the messenger Words with Friends has.

That compares with 89 percent of millennials, their slightly older peers.

We eventually joined the same competitive counter-strike team, went to LANs together, talked daily via voice chat and texting.

We just seemed to always be on the same mental page, and our personalities and sense of humor matched well. In fact, we're screwing around browsing reddit together as we speak.

It's always been easier to spend money than to make it.

And now it's even easier yet for Facebook users, who can now send money to one another through the company’s standalone messaging app, Messenger.

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Posting revenge porn photos of adults is not currently a federal crime (though Congresswoman Jackie Speier has proposed a bill to change that). Twitter updated its terms of service Wednesday evening in order to ban the distribution of “revenge porn,” the practice of publishing nude or sexually explicit photos of people (usually women) without their permission.

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